VTB Capital

Technical Support, Frontend, Backend


Our task is to provide website maintenance services and improve its functionality



Our technical support responsibilities include general user-website interaction error fixing, as well as security and configuring migration systems to the internal company servers


Besides the technical support, our team is developing the website together with aic. This is how the section "Career" was created.

This section solves many problems for both new hires and those who are just planning to connect their careers with VTB Capital.

For example, we have developed an internal onboarding page for new hires, where they can get answers to questions that they may have on their first days in a new company. Integration with VTB HR portal has also been implemented: data is downloaded from the common system to be used by the website to generate elements, filters and save job applications.


As part of this project, we provide a quick and high-quality response to incidents and develop new features.

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