Yarmarka Trading House

Frontend, Backend, Integration


It was required to relaunch the online store of Yarmarka Trading House in a modern format.



Having teamed up with colleagues from aic and Ingate, we began to develop a new visual style and overall concept of the project.
After studying the technological limitations and requirements, we built a suitable team for the project. We chose Agile as a development methodology – flexibility and speed of decision-making of all team members were important to us.

Data exchange

Even before our work on the design and creation of the store structure was completed, our team, together with colleagues from Yarmarka, embarked on the integration of 1C: ERP.
After evaluating and working out the data exchange processes, we implemented several custom website-side processing solutions to update information on products and orders.


Having started the development of the website itself, we focused on maximum flexibility in its management both for content managers and SEO-optimizers at Ingate. For example, the content sections "Recipes" and "Useful" – blogs by chefs and nutritionists of the company – are made from a set of snippets of various blocks, sliders, quotations and calorie calculators.

Simple authorization

Buyer authorization and registration was implemented via a phone number and one-time codes. Most marketplace users are already used to this scenario.


For a shopping cart we used CDEK, Boxberry and Russian Post delivery modules. Online payments are processed by Cloudpayments.


The client received a modern, fast, well-designed platform for developing an additional sales channel and increasing customer loyalty.

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