Technical support, Analytics, SEO


Technical support of the project comprised a number of tasks that were aimed at the interaction of 1C-Bitrix and the 1C warehouse accounting system, as well as at automating the work of content managers


  1. Generation of product descriptions

    For the purpose of SEO promotion, generation of product descriptions has been developed based on templates with product properties. For a more unique product description, template paragraphs are combined between templates.
    For example, the first paragraph of the first template replaces the first paragraph of the second template, and so on.
    The spelling of brands and models in product meta tags is converted into Russian. Description on the product page includes the names of brands and models in Russian for better search engine indexing. Spelling of brands and models is loaded into “Description” in Russian through a reference book of a Highload-block.
  2. Generation of a product name from its properties

    Product name is generated from a set of product properties for the public part of the website.
  3. Usage output by products

    Some manufacturers' products that are presented in the online store are suitable for several car models. In this connection, we developed a functionality which allows to “collect” a combination of “brand, model, year” from a variety of properties in the administrative part of the product for further display in the usage block to inform users.
  4. Website integration with 1C:UT for quick updating of information on the website by commodity items.
  5. Automatic product image import: uploading graphic elements to the website storage and setting up image import via cron. Images are matched to products by SKUs
  6. Configuration of quantitative inventory accounting. If a product is out of stock in the Client’s warehouse, the ability to add goods to the shopping cart has been replaced with a product pre-order. The output of products in the catalog is sorted by product availability by default.
  7. Integration of Alfa-Bank acquiring
  8. Installation and configuration of the SDEK delivery module and further import development by product dimension parameters. To calculate the delivery costs accurately, it is crucial to correctly transfer product dimensions, which the module considers only through the parameters from the product Trade Catalog. When it comes to 1C import, dimensions are defined as properties and calculated per kilograms and meters: we set up the conversion of units of measurement into millimeters and grams and their import into the fields of the Trade catalog.
  9. We added a functionality for selecting spare parts by parameters at the website, set up the nomenclature uploading with a link to the reference book.
  10. Configuration of a faceted search with its updating by cron after importing goods from 1C to keep the product properties up to date.


After the work was done, the store employees reduced the time spent on filling out the site, and also gained an advantage in promoting the site over competitors

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