Architecture, Design, Frontend, Backend


Do a complete redesign and develop a website to empower platform users and improve business efficiency.


Guided by the results of an outsourced marketing research, we completed the following tasks:

  1. Design of the corporate website pages

  2. Creation of a website design concept in consistency with the company’s brand

  3. Development in 1C-Bitrix for further module customization and product integration with 1C

  4. Implementation of a filter on location parameters of company’s customers for the convenience of a preliminary assessment of the cost of a Domopult license

  5. Responsive layout for mobile devices and tablets

  6. Configuration of redirects from the old version of the website to maintain search engine ranking

  7. Integration of end-to-end analytics systems


The updated version of the website conveys all the information about Domopult products to potential customers of the company and makes the right impression on new users

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