Frontend, Backend, Integration, Analytics, SEO


Design and develop a website for AI products for global business together with our colleagues at MTS



Our colleagues gave us ready-made layouts of the first version of the website, and we started with mark-up and front-end development right away. To meet the need for simple and intuitive management of text and visual content, we chose WordPress as a CMS. We used our in-house solutions to speed up the website performance on this system.

In the course of our work, we came up with an idea to create a whole constructor so that MTS product teams could create pages for hypothesis testing faster. However, this constructor is not limited to a set of blocks and elements for creating pages – one can build each lead form separately from ready-made fields.


The results of lead forms need to be processed somewhere, and it is best to use CRM to achieve this; in our case, Bitrix24 was fit for purpose.
We improved the lead form constructor, enabling a site administrator to independently choose which form fields should be transferred to the system. More than 10 different funnels are configured in CRM, and leads are sorted manually based on the data filled in on the website


As we needed information for further development after the launch of the project, we started marking up the site for Google Analytics, and decided to install GTM and collect data in dataLayer. Now analytics tasks are becoming more challenging, so we are testing other options for processing raw data


Search engine optimization on our part includes the following:

  1. Technical optimization – speed, mark-up validity
  2. Link optimization – placement on sites, media and crowd marketing
  3. On-page optimization - meta tags, titles, structure

Audiogram and Career

Currently, our specialists are implementing a speech recognition demonstration on the product page. In addition, a the MTS AI career page is under development.


MTS received a speedy and modern website, CRM system and integration, but this is just the beginning

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