Good Deeds Service

Design, Frontend, Backend, API, SEO


Comprehensive technical support for the company's entire system, search engine optimization, blog development and content marketing.



It was necessary to consolidate information on users, their orders, requests and licenses, as well as to move the main storage of data from the website to the CRM, without losing data consistency.
Global integration of the website, mobile application, CRM, application for company operators and the interface for creating unique licenses, on which the entire logic of service provision is based.

Member area

Several unique API methods have been developed to exchange data between systems.
Company operators got full information on the client in his CRM, and customers got full information on their licenses and requests in a member area


Multiple growth of traffic from search engines due to the right strategy, analytics, and communication with the SDD team. Development of a blog for content marketing, writing informational articles and instructions with conversion into sales of services.


  • Necessary to eliminate errors and improve the efficiency of processes of all services of the company;
  • Management of licenses and requests in the new member area for customers, as well as a new member area for external agents-employees;
  • A 12-fold increase in search traffic for the year;

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