Bief lenses

Frontend, Backend, 1C integration


Create a portal for employees in the optician's shops and back office. Digitize lenses order and production processes.


Together with aic, we developed a portal for company employees, transferring all processes from the beginning of order creation in the store to sales analytics.

  1. Ordering
    Ordering in several steps, the lenses matching the parameters are selected on the basis of the entered data. For non-standard lenses, automatic lens fitting can be disabled and all parameters can be set manually.

  2. Price list
    The functionality allows you to set your own prices for lenses in the interface based on the prices for the offices from the production.

  3. Orders and statistics
    Partner stores can track the status of lens production and get the date of delivery to the store. Based on the different conditions of the order, it goes straight to production or is checked by the office within the same system.

  4. Authentication
    Employees in the optician's shops access the interface using their username and password or the device's pin code. The list of devices for access is also bound to the store due to security requirements.


Creation of a single system for all stages of work and departments of the company from order to receipt, including production.

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