First Trichological Pharmacy

Architecture, Design, Frontend, Backend, Analytics, SEO


Redesign the website for the sale of professional cosmetics in Russia with a convenient navigation, to improve the effectiveness of the company's business.
A new format of presenting professional hair care products to loyal customers and introducing world brands to a new audience were the main goals of the project.



Creating layouts, taking into account the analysis of competitors and the development of the structure of the website with further promotion in search engines. We kept the focus on the recognizable brand colors of the Trichology Center and revised the concept of product cards and information blocks output for intuitive use of the online store.


All presented products have a targeted action and are divided into segments to solve customer problems. As a consequence, a division was made on the selection of products depending on the problem, product lines and purpose — which was implemented through the top and side menus of the website.
The home page provides up-to-date information about the most popular brands and lines for customers. Each banner is a starting point for the branded products section. Following product segments of the home page allows customers to quickly view current promotions, new products, and bestsellers.


When adding a product to the cart, customers are offered products that match the properties of the action with the product they buy and complement its effect.


All information is added to the website through the administrative panel of WordPress with the most convenient internal solution for entering products, updating current information, and order management.

Member area and loyalty program

A bonus system is implemented on the website, which is based on the amount of purchases and promo codes for loyal customers, which are also managed through the administrative panel.
Member area is a convenient informative resource for customers. It displays personal data, all completed orders and the amount of bonus rubles available for use when making purchases. The bonus system provides for partial use of bonus rubles to pay for the order.


70% of visitors access the website via smartphones.


A new website with new mechanics to increase efficiency and loyalty. As part of the work, we also provided content migration and search engine optimization services.

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