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Develop and promote a facial skin care app with AR technology



  • An algorithm was created to be able to recognize dermatological problems using AI;
  • A massage module consisting of a set of techniques presented using AR technology has been developed;
  • A consultative module has been added, allowing the users to select the correct care and massage techniques based on their wishes and problems. Diagnostics is performed by a chat-bot and AI functionality to recognize skin diseases.

Preparing for release

  1. Collection of the semantic core (Russian and all English locales);
  2. Preparation of metadata (title, short description);
  3. Technical specifications for writing a full description (including keywords).

Two months after the release, the client came back for a strategy adjustment.

Text optimization

  • Collection of the semantic core for 10 locales according to the client's priorities;
  • Running and validating A/B tests of short description;
  • Technical specifications for writing full descriptions (with the collection of keywords);
  • Checking and making corrections to full descriptions (Google Natural Languages, native speakers).

Graphics optimization

  1. Analysis of competitors in the target and related niches;
  2. Development of technical specifications for 2 concepts;
  3. Conducting A/B tests of graphic objects;
  4. Localization and application of the winning concept.


  • At the beginning of May 2021, there were 20,000 active users of the app.
  • 5th place in the Google Play ranking in the "Beauty" section.

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