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Architecture, Design, Frontend, Backend, Birtrix24


Relaunch the online store for a network equipment supplier. Develop a new design and improve business efficiency, simplify order placement for the customer, taking into account the specifics of the products.


  • A comprehensive approach in market analysis and client's business research.
  • Page design and prototyping.
  • Development of the catalog, taking into account the specifics of business processes and the subsequent integration with Bitrix24 CRM.
  • Process automation in Bitrix24
  • 1C integration with the website and Bitrix24


  1. Easy-to-use and maximum accessibility of all functions to the user
  2. Fast operation of the website with 120,000+ SKU
  3. Increased loyalty of regular customers through a new process: technical support for equipment
  4. Customer service has been improved and the work of the company's employees has been automated
  5. Integration with Yandex.Market and tweaking the standard export module

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