Architecture, Design, Frontend, Backend, Bitrix24, MoySklad


Comprehensive solution to optimize business processes for Minabao — the official representative of Bioaqua cosmetics brand and other brands of Chinese cosmetics.


  1. In-depth analysis of the cosmetics market. Creation of CJM based on data from CRM and metrics obtained from the previous version of the website.

  2. Development of a visual concept of the website layout, taking into account the existing brand book.

  3. Development of an online store with a dealer's personal account.     


  1. Data migration from amoCRM to Bitrix24. Setting up new funnels in the CRM.

  2. Custom solution for distributing deals to sales managers. 

  3. Automation of work on transactions (robots).

  4. Automation of work with customers (triggers).

  5. Integration of the product database from MoySklad with the online store.


  1. Setup and consolidation of transaction accounting in a single system.
  2. Business processes of the sales department were automated, resulting in improved quality of deals processing.
  3. Improving the efficiency of employees of the company, the introduction of time tracking and increased control over the execution of tasks.
  4. Reducing overdue steps in the stages of the deal.
  5. Increase in wholesale sales.

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