Ministry of Health

Architecture, Design, Frontend, REST API


Design and implement an interface and monitoring systems for the development of clinical guidelines for the Ministry of Health.


Our team was responsible for system interface design and development using vue.js and creation of REST API for data exchange with the backend.
Together with the client and the development teams we drew up the technical specification, functional and business descriptions of the processes and roles of future users. A prototype was developed for each stage of clinical guideline development to make it easier to navigate the project and simplify it during discussions of functionality.


As a result, it has become easier to monitor the development of clinical guidelines for medical professionals, scientists, and regulators across the country.
We are confident that this collaboration has brought a new experience not only to all of its participants and users, but also a great benefit to citizens. We hope that this project will become a really significant step for the digitalization of similar systems in Russia.

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